BTC Price Drops Down, Potentially For a While

Consumers are becoming more skeptical of the opportunities suggested by Bitcoin investments. Bart Smith, Chief of Digital Assets at SIG states that Bitcoin is struggling to show results to investors in the next period in order to encourage more input.

The Overview

The problem at hand is the lack of material proof that the market was bullish before it settled down, which resulted in spikes and varying upwards and downwards trends in volume. Meanwhile, the main focal point of the market is whether ETFs are due to be approved or not, while only a small number of people believe it’s irrational to rely their bets on this specific aspect.

In the meantime, crypto-investment life is becoming much easier for Americans after the launch of ETN, which provides US citizens the ease of tracking their Bitcoin investments using their brokerages. As such, investors don’t need to worry about paying extra charges on Grayscale’s premium, being forced to secure their Bitcoin, or having to register with different exchanges.

BTC Shifts

In the meantime, BTC has dropped between $6.2K and $6.4K after finishing an inverse head and shoulders structure. It collapsed, though, below what was predicted, as well as below the 20-MA and 55-EMA.

Lower price fluctuations, added to the drop in the suggested EMA and MA, could lead to more rejections at the above-the-head MAs afflicting BTC ever since it’s fallen from $8.5K.

Although the RSI is declining, potentially taking BTC down with it, BTC is becoming a bit more stable along the 50-MA line.

Future Outlook

Provided that the technical variables are in favor, most traders could have an advantage if they enter the market at a $6.1K to $6.2K price point, although BTC has shown a higher support consistency within the $6.3K and the $6.1K range.

A boost of encouragement for potential investors might be driven by a move above the $6.5K point if followed by a hit above (100-MA) of $6.65K, as opposed to a hunch if the price drops below the $6.5K line with only multiple low increases off the $6.35K support point.

2 years ago

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