BTC Inc Hires Ex-Dow Jones Executive as Media Head

BTC Inc announced the addition of Andrew Fleming to its team as the head of its media department. Fleming, who used to be an executive at Dow Jones, is just the most recent example of major talent leaving corporations to work in the crypto industry.


Fleming’s previous position was was head of content at Dow Jones, a parent organization of The Wall Street Journal, along with News Corp. among many others. Before that, he used to be the Vice President of Production over at Business Insider. His work there was very significant in turning the company from a startup of 13 people into an international media giant.

His decision to join BTC Inc comes on the heels of the company hiring Jarrod Dicker, which took place just a few months ago. The ex-Vice President of Innovation at Washington Post is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of, a media project that’s based on blockchain technology aiming to reclaim value for content creation.

The Next Level of Crypto Media

Fleming’s new job includes everything related to the media requirements of BTC Inc, which include Bitcoin Magazine, Distributed events,, Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcasts and many print-related properties.

Fleming expressed how the crypto industry is full of excitement and that it’s a topic he is highly interested in. During his previous job, he would inspect what’s going on and report what is seen, but to learn about the crypto space, one has to be included in it, he continued, and that’s why he is currently working for a media firm that’s focused only on cryptos.

The Chief Executive Officer of BTC Inc, David Bailey, expressed that hiring Fleming allows the company to deliver the best there is to the audience of the crypto industry which is constantly growing. It also gives much more value to the company’s advertisers and expands the outlook of blockchain technology and the like, he continued. Bailey concluded by saying that Fleming has been a great pioneer in the conventional media world and when he works with the team at BTC Inc, he is in a great position to take the media company to the next level.

BTC Inc Approaches Media Like Business Insider

Fleming states that there are similarities between BTC Inc and Business Insider. They are both looking to make present day media better and also they produce fresh ideas because they use an outlook on how things should be done from the outside.

He shared that his ultimate priority for Bitcoin Magazine will involve getting the entire team to understand how to deliver the best information to the largest number of people possible and focus on that while emphasizing the quality of the content rather than quantity.

He says this approach is presently the best option for Bitcoin Magazine because it has been established for a long time in the crypto space. He sees that it needs to have a bit of an authoritative expressive opinion about what is happening while being very accurate and also investigative the the highest levels. He concluded that this aspect is already true and the company knows it, it just has to be correctly shared with and noticed by the world.

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