BTC Crusader Shares Insights On Crypto Market

Bitcoin cash crusader Roger Ver has given his views on the bitcoin blockchain. During an interview with CNBC, Ver also divulged about his stake in cryptos from an early stage. 

According to the boss, the current poor state by the market is due to bitcoin.Ver argues that since December 2017, bitcoin failure to be used on a commercial scale should be blamed for the plunge in general. During the period, transaction charges stood at $20 mark making cryptos unreliable.

He further commented on the current crypto market with BTC currently valued at $550 from $2800 in January this years. He said that the drop is not something new since a similar case was witnessed in 2011 when he first invested in bitcoin.

For consumers, Ver had some words of advice. He said that putting your money in BTC will guarantee value since it has a secure future. He notes that investing in Bitcoin cash at this point will not make sense currently.

For investors, Ver opined that they embrace diversity. He is against investing cash in one cryptocurrency. He revealed that a lot of his money is in BTC but he has some stake in Z Cash and Z coin among other top cryptos.

2 years ago

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