BTC and ZCL Hard Fork, ANON Launches on 10th of September

BTC and ZCL owners are expecting a new crypto: ANON. Sources say that the launch date of the fork should be between the 9th and the 11th of September. The official announcement had the community anticipating the launch on 9th of September.


The snapshot is scheduled to be out on the 10th of September, but because of the difference in time zones, Cryptopia is to have it on the 11th of September, as it is based in New Zealand. TradeSatoshi is due to have it on the 10th. Until now, no other exchange has made any official announcement to say that they will have the snapshot.

As for the community, the current holders of BTC are not showing any support for the fork. The reason for this is that they may be holding on to massive funds, and they have no desire to take the risk of investing in a low-value, untested asset that may not be profitable.

The move may prove to be very risky- in fact, there have been various events where BTC forks had counterfeit wallets to rob wallet-owners of BTC. On the other hand, the news was received with intrigue by the ZCL holders, but still, Bittrex stated that they will not support the new fork in any way.


Unlike occurrences in the past, this fork has not caused ZCL’s price to go up as expected. The ZCL price has previously soared in the past just before the launch of a new fork; a well-known example of this is the BTCP fork.

Although it is not as expected, ZCL’s price went from $6.12 to $8.74 between the 30th of August and the 2nd of September. However, it fell again 2 days later, going down to $7.88 on the 4th. On top of that, the interest in the fork itself seems to be much lower than in previous ones.

2 years ago

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