Brothers Team UP To Push Crypto Adoption Through Gaming

Gaming enthusiasts are deploying the blockchain technology in developing new games. Over the years, cryptocurrency world and gaming having been showing unique relationships. Currently, the ethereum blockchain is being used to develop novel gaming experiences.

However, the main question has been how crypto adoption can be accelerated using the traditional video games. Quarters in the gaming world will definitely want to know more about the blockchain technology.

According to crypto expert Jon Creasy, the argument is behind his latest innovation: No Man’s Sky. It involves hunting down the bitcoin in the game. Creasy said that he settled on the game after asking himself how to use the gaming industry to spread knowledge on cryptos.

He teamed up with his brother where they decided to anchor the game around a small bitcoin Easter egg that would be hidden on two of the game's planets. Gamers are required to discover corresponding Communications Stations. They believe that the minor contribution will have an impact on players.  He adds that in future, we might witness a scenario where all games are based on cryptocurrencies.

When the game was launched, the bounty was below the $30 mark, but now it stands at $180. The rise has been attributed to developer Space Pirate Games. In the future, more bitcoin eggs are expected to be hidden from gamers. Already, the brothers have joined Reddit solely for gamers. Under the community, gamers will interact with Creasy and plot how to hunt for the cryptos. Plans are also underway to enable gamers to hide wallet seeds.

Key to note is that the No Man Sky is not a new concept despite having unique features. A similar product was launched in July after a partnership between Comic-Con International and Robinhood to create the “Robin Hood" movie. The movie hosts a crypto scavenger hunt.

2 years ago

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