British Explores Blockchain for Security of Digital Evidence

British authorities are looking for new ways of safeguarding digital evidence.The government is considering the deployment of the Distributed Ledger Technology.

Already, relevant agencies have been holding meetings on how to deploy DLT. HMCTS and the Open Innovation are the bodies mandated with the task. DLT will be vital in sharing gathered evidence and managing identity.

During a Thursday discussion, Dr Sadek Ferdous a research expert highlighted how private and public DLT platforms vary. He noted that evidence is anchored on audit trails. He stated that DLT offers more organized systems to collect evidence since it permits reconstruction of events, something very vital.

Digital evidence always faces the challenge of credibility. However, if DLT is deployed, there is guaranteed the security of the evidence-free from manipulation.

Over the years, UK has been aiming to be a worldwide force in terms of using the blockchain technology and the crypto economy at large. In July the government got a backing when Big Innovation’s research concluded that the state has all it needs to become a blockchain leader.

Housing representative Eddi Hughes is on record calling for prioritization of policies around blockchain. He notes that blockchain will enhance trust and better service delivery.

2 years ago

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