Brazilian Antitrust Organization Investigates Significant Banks With respect to Crypto Exchange

The antitrust controller in Brazil is purportedly reviewing 6 noteworthy national financial institutions on claims of monopolizing the cryptocurrency market, as reported by Reuters on 18th Sept.


The antitrust controller in the nation, the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (C.A.D.E) that works along with the law courts, has supposedly propelled an inquiry earlier this week to found out why the nation's biggest financial institutions are shutting the records of stockbrokers exchanging cryptos.

As indicated by the international news agency, the examination done by C.A.D.E was started when the Brazil's Blockchain and Digital money Affiliation (ABCB) reported a number of grievances. An individual asserted that Banco do Brasil shut the bank account of a nearby cryptocurrency exchanging firm, Atlas Quantum.

As the investigation continues, C.A.D.E will review the enlisted financial institutions, for example, Banco do Brasil, Banco Bradesco, Itaú Unibanco Holdings, Banco Santander Brasil, and also the unpublicized Banco International and Co-operative bank Sicredi.

The international news agency refers to a C.A.D.E statement that expressed, "the big fiscal institutions are forcing limitations and preventing digital money businesses making use of the banking services." The financial institutions purportedly say that the businesses’ records were shut because there were no customer information, which is a mandatory requirement under the anti-money-laundering (A.M.L) rules. C.A.D.E specialists said to the international news agency:

"...illegal actions ought to be stopped and financial institutions should undertake preventive procedures when there signs of unlawful activity by their clients... But, it doesn't appear to be sensible for financial institutions to carry out preventive procedures across all the cryptographic money businesses, without analyzing which business is complying with the rules or not and then apply the preventive procedures on specific crypto business... "

Once the investigation was declared, Banco do Brasil, the biggest bank by resources in the country, revealed to Reuters that they are focused on "providing the best services founded on morals and highly respects competition." Itaú Unibanco expressed that it is "sure that its actions are legal."

2 years ago

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