Brazil Tops Crypto Jacking Cases, Iranian Study Reveals

The cases have largely contributed to the surge in crypto jacking incidents that have increased by 500%. 


Brazilians Most Affected By Coinhive Malware

An Iranian cybersecurity agency has released data on the Coinhive, an illegal crypto mining tool. According to the survey released on Monday, Brazil was leading the pack with most incidents recorded under the attack.

The study was based on malware cases reported last year. Brazil was leading with more than 81, 000. In the second place was India. India has recorded about 29, 000 attacks. In the third position was Indonesia which had over 23, 000 cases. For Iran, it recorded approximately 11, 000 cases under Coinhive attack.

Coinhive is a crypto mining tool. The malware solely deals in Monro’s XMR. It provides an API to developers. Under this arrangement, developers are able to use a website's users CPU to mine altcoin. The altcoin is privacy centred.

A research released early this year, almost 300 global websites had a suspicious code. The code had the capability of making a device infected with Coinhive without the knowledge of visitors. The recent attack has been recorded in the Philippines and Japan. The software was discovered in the League Legends. While in Japan, authorities are carrying out a probe in a case linked to Coinhive.

For the case recorded in Iran, CERTCC based in Tehran was discovered to be contaminated. It had over 600 reports while another case was reported by Esfahan at 244. The report states that in the next year, such cases are going to be a major security concern for the crypto industry.

Rising Crypto Jacking Cases

It worries to note that in 2018, incidents of crypto jacking have been on the rise by a staggering 500%. Monero appears to be the most affected crypto. By June this year, almost 5% of all cases recorded involved Monero. The crypto has been mined using illegal techniques.

2 years ago

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