Brazil to Launch CriptoHub as Binance Alternative

CriptoHub will launch in August on the 7th as a brand new digital currency trading exchange and has been dubbed as the Binance of Brazil, compared to one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.



The platform also announced its ICO end on the 27th of July. Additionally, Bitcoin will be paired alongside 20 cryptocurrencies on the exchange. CritpoHub has also made assurances that their user withdrawal charges will be significantly lower than half of the other exchanges involved.

As of now, the platform will operate in South America and housing 15 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, Ripple, SMART and other coins. Several elite investors poured funds into the initial coin offering of the platform, accepting investments from the US and others. Ramon Vailatti, the company’s chief executive officer stated that the ICO funding was very successful and managed to raise $3 million. He adds that the company will pay back the people through the cheapest available transaction charges and an unparalleled customer service within the country.

As the executive says, the company’s roadmap is heading towards many SA and international cryptocurrencies as well as investments dedicated to the growth and creating banking systems. Several digital currency exchanges operate within Brazil, including BitCambio, Foxbit, and others. A few global exchanges are also represented. Houbi, another exchange headquartered in Singapore has also announced its plans to begin operating within Brazil.

Research statistics that Brazil saw a massive increase of 1400 percent in terms of traded cryptocurrencies from 2017.

2 years ago

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