Brave Introduces a New Browser Edition Based on Chrome

The Brave team states that the new Brave desktop browser (version 0.55) has been redesigned to include rather interesting traits. The prior edition was based on Muon, whereas the new one is based on Chromium, the open source operating system which Google Chrome runs on, and is now accessible on operating systems; such as Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. The team proclaims that the new edition boasts considerable functioning improvements and loads faster than the Muon edition by 22%. The new edition was accessible on the 6th of September to early adopters and developers, while the early beta version was accessible to more consumers on the 17th.


Chromium Edition of Brave’s Desktop Browser Boasts Intriguing Attributes

The team at Brave asserts that the new Chromium-based browser is the fastest Brave has ever produced as it helps the consumers save almost 8 to 12 seconds on selected websites. The browser boasts of a number of inventive characteristics which include a more effective method of ad-blocking, the Tor-supported private browsing, a more appealing user interface that comes with the option of a dark theme, and fingerprinting protection. The new 0.55 version also has the ability to block cookies, restore the last session by default, and much more.

The Brave browser blockchain project has multiple exceptional features; but what really stands out is the integrated Brave BAT (Basic Attention Token), which is used in rewarding content creators. In August 2018, BTCManager said that Brave has declared that users of social media platforms, Twitter and Reddit, will have the ability to use the Brave browsers to reward the users who use these platforms in posting note-worthy content. The Brave team emphasized that the new browser can be considered a sneak peek at their feature for using BAT tokens as rewards for users when they view advertisements, Brave Rewards.

Brave’s Positive Use of Distributed Ledger Technology

Brave’s contribution to the crypto sphere and its promotion of blockchain technology is innovative, life-changing, and undeniable. It is evident in the increasing of downloads that has already reached 10 million.

DLT has been criticized recently and its capacity for handling transactions of bigger degree was brought into question. However, in research published on the 16th of October by DTCC, Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, proved that DLT has the ability to flawlessly control typical trading volumes on the U.S. equity market, which can reach up to 100 million trades each day.

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