Brave to Allow Gains from Tweets and Reddit Posts

Brave internet browser is currently revolutionizing the online advertising industry. In the latest feat by the browser, users will now be able to profit from posting on Twitter and Reddit. While already opening many gates from YouTube and Twitch streamers to earn gains from their streams, Brave is now adding Reddit and Twitter to its “roster.”


Brave was co-founded by Brendan Eich who also oversaw the initiation of Mozilla Firefox. Currently, the new initiative will provide backing from Twitter and Reddit contributions or “tips” through each website's own cryptocurrency system and is expected to take place during Q4 or 2018.

To take advantage of the new system, users on the browser will be required to authorize their new payment system before BAT, the native Brave token is exchanged. This will also occur of any other users on Brave deem a post on Reddit or Twitter worthy of tipping and may possibly result in a thoughtful post racking in profit. As per official announcements regarding the new project, the new model is designed as a tipping service for favored posts on either social network.

Streamers, content creators, and more on YouTube, Twitch and now Twitter and Reddit will be able to sign up as publishers on Brave and be rewarded with BAT from their followers and fan base for their uploaded content. Users also have full management of their own accounts, allowing automatic acceptance of tips and setting monthly contributions for separate websites.

Additionally, Brave has reported three million active users on its browsers and is currently aiming at securing five million users by the end of 2018. Opera, another famous web browser will also be hopping onto the hype train and making its introduction into the crypto-industry by adding Ethereum to their browsers.

How Brave operates is that it bans all advertisements and draws in crypto-rewards for those that post their advertisements without violating user privacy or revealing any intimate information.

2 years ago

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