Drug King Pablo Escobar’s Brother Launched Crypto for Trump Impeachment

The elder brother of drug lord Pablo Escobar decided to hold an ICO and create a cryptocurrency. It has only one goal - to raise money for the impeachment of the current US President Donald Trump.
Roberto Escobar launched a website called It says that a new cryptocurrency named ESCOBAR should appear soon. The token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and its value should be pegged to the US dollar.

The pre-sale stage of ICO is already underway, during which the project plans to sell 200 million tokens. The pre-sale should last until May 10, 2019. Project plans to end the ICO by June. In total, a startup wants to sell 1 billion of coins.

Initially, Escobar tried to conduct crowdfunding on the GoFundMe platform. According to representatives of the project, in just 10 hours, they managed to raise $10 million. After that, GoFundMe closed crowdfunding without giving any reasons. Escobar argues the administration of the US President or Trump personally stood behind such a decision. But thanks to cryptocurrencies, the authorities will not be able to close the money raising, the ICO website says.

1 year ago

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