BrandShield and AmaZix Collaborate on Anti-ICO Scam Initiative

AmaZix, a digital intelligence firm and Brandshield, one of the top crypto management companies has joined together to fight the large increase of fake ICO’s and scams through the cryptosphere. Reports have stated that more than 80 percent of initial coin offerings in 2017 were fraudulent.


Fraudulent investors are developing more complex methods of abusing digital currencies. As the number of scams continues rising, both companies have joined each other to provide solutions and purify the virtual currency environment from the fraudulent plague consistently spreading. 

Many leading figures in the crypto environment have been taking extra defensive measures against potential scammers. Vitalik Buterin even changed his name to “Not giving away ETH” as a response to a scam account using his name to draw in potential victims. Elon Musk, the tech-idol, shed light on the efficient skills in reference to automated Ethereum spambots riddling his account. 

Due to these events and the never-ending malicious attempts has called for the new collaboration to aid in the anti-scam initiative. BrandShield, an Israeli firm will see its expertise utilized in protecting every individual and business, no matter status. More than one hundred and thirty fake crypto channels will be handed over to AmaZix to aid in the development of stronger protection.

A better future

Jonas Karlberg, the head executive at AmaZix stated that without basic principles such as trust, the crypto community cannot proceed. He added that BrandShield will provide exceptional innovate and technology to provide every requirement needed to ensure the safety and advancement of the crypto world.

BrandShield’s Chief Executive Officer, Yoav Keren, also commented saying that the new partnership is a large step forward in designing and creating a new and protected environment for blockchain. He also commented on the incredible number of scams riddling the crypto industry and killing any trust placed in it. The companies both plan on rebuilding trust and protection. 

Fake initial coin offerings are consistently rising and a new method of fighting these crimes is essential. India, Vietnam and several other countries have been heavily affected by these events and current reports regarding fraudulent coin offerings. 

2 years ago

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