Boeing Uses Blockchain To Develop Air Tracking System

Boeing has recently announced its collaborated efforts with A.I. firm SparkCognition to create state-of-the-art blockchain technology designed to track UAVs and as well AT control. Both companies will partner on the new technology.


By utilizing AI technology and blockchain-tech, Boeing and SparkCognition will create new tools and technologies designed to manage and coordinate air traffic as well as track unmanned aerial vehicles. An SPI is also under development for several commercial uses such as package delivery and more.

Boeing NeXt will support the aerospace giant’s R&D projects regarding automated trips and enhanced propulsion capabilities. SparkCognitions head executive and founder, Amir Husain, said that the aerospace industry, valued to be worth almost three trillion dollars in total, will pave the way for both companies and others to function as one of the most expansive and engaging markets on the planet.

He adds that Boeing and SparkCognition, both leading figures in their respective departments of aviation and artificial intelligence will provide additional improvements to both industries. He explains that many advancements regarding development, expanse, security and more will be key factors of the incredible market opportunity. CTO of Boeing, Greg Hyslop, said that technology and society are both advancing to a state requiring better applications and travel methods.

Two are better than one

Through Boeing’s expertise and knowledge, the company has every capability of changing the up and coming travel industry and through its newest project, Boeing NeXt, the company will be the leading pioneer in public transport of individuals and purchased goods through the use of reliable technology.

SparkCognition is a Texas-based company focused on artificial intelligence security solutions. The company’s services are used by some of the top leading industries and companies globally to handle information reviews and much more.

Boeing, on the other hand, is the world’s leading aerospace company and is involved in military, orbital and civilian security.

2 years ago

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