BNB is 2018’s Strong Performing Cryptocurrency

Every one of the top leading cryptocurrencies has seen massive drops in 2018. Following their highest in January, most of the coins have suffered drops around 80 to 90 percent since their record all-time highs.

Top Performer

Even with the current and devastating decline on the market, Binance, the largest digital currency exchange platform and its native token, the BNB coin, are operating and performing positively, climb up about 42 percent in 2018.

The currency has dropped from its record high in January when it was valued at almost $25 USD and is currently priced at around $12.5 USD, almost a 50 percent drop since the beginning of 2018. Despite the condition of the market, BNB has performed better than any other leading coin.

BNB dropped to a new low of $6 during January, also a 300 percent rise has slowly occurred after several significant announcements were made by Binance. The exchange announced its acquisition of Trust Wallet, a mobile digital wallet backing ETH and more than 20K cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum.

Research has revealed that the strongest trading pairs of digital currencies are Binance coins with Bitcoin and US Dollars. Additionally, the BNB and BTC pairing has climbed over 200 percent year to date while Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin pairing has only climbed 25 percent.

2 years ago

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