BMC Dealership Accepts Crypto Payments For Cars and Services

An Ohio-based dealership, Bernie Moreno Companies, announced September 10th that it is now accepting a variety of digital currencies as possible payment methods for both cars and other services they provide. BMC, selling Mercedes and Porsche models, has become the first of its kind to accept cryptocurrency within North America. Bernie Moreno, the company's founder and active president, stated that they aim to offer a variety of payment methods to clients.  


The Blockland Initiative

He explained that BMC aims to jump into the future with the possibilities blockchain offers businesses across all sectors. Moreno stated that Cleveland will now teach the world how to utilize this revolutionary technology. In line with a new initiative known as Blockland, Moreno and other local officials aim to turn Cleveland into the next center for blockchain development. Plans include building a major technology campus within the city that will facilitate student programs, startup incubators, and host industry events.  

Crypto Payments To Become The Next Best Payment

BMC’s president explained that virtual currency payments will be faster and easier than it would be for clients to use traditional methods of payment. They can make purchases directly off their mobile devices with a single click, digital funds will be transferred from their digital wallets directly to BMC. Moreno claims he believes crypto payments have the potential to become a preferred method of payment in comparison to traditional systems of credit cards. He also noted that BMC plans to offer up to date live exchange rates without any additional fees. Security is guaranteed as they will rely on the technology supporting Bitcoin and other accepted digital currencies to ensure safe reliable transactions.

Founded thirteen years ago, BMC has since grown to stand among the fastest growing US dealerships in North America selling both new and used vehicles of a variety of models, as well as receive car maintenance services.

2 years ago

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