BMC customers can now buy cars with Bitcoins

Bernie Moreno Companies (BMC) is taking up the future, ahead of all the other car dealerships in the country, by reporting today that it is tolerating Bitcoin and different digital forms of money as a means of payment. Customers can now buy their favorite cars plus pay for different services using Bitcoins.


"Offering customers more choices is important to excellent client care," said BMC founding member and Chief executive of Bernie Moreno. "We’re excited to have the capacity to grow and become more flexible to how our customers can make purchases."

BMC is the only Mercedes-Benz and Porsche car dealer in North America to acknowledge BTC, ETH, LTC and different cryptographic forms of money. They will be an acknowledged and a simple means to utilize when making payments at each BMC dealer.

"This is a big step into the future," stated the President of BMC. "Bitcoin has demonstrated to everyone the intensity of blockchain innovation. It's currently Cleveland's time to demonstrate to everyone how blockchain can be utilized to transform the Globe.”

Moreno is among the leading pioneers teaming up on the determined Blockland drive to transform Cleveland into a hub of blockchain innovation.

"An auto purchaser utilizing Bitcoin to buy a car – what other place other than in Blockland?" stated Moreno. "The country will shortly accept this sort of practical administration and advancement from our renewed city."

The procedure of paying with a cryptographic money will be simple and quick: Utilizing their cellphones, customers will have the capacity to exchange the electronic money from their computerized wallet to BMC at the present, up-to-the-minute conversion rate. Due to the blockchain design of BTC and different cryptographic forms of money, all exchanges are protected, certified and fast. They will be no charges for utilizing computerized cash.

"Purchasing with Bitcoin will be simpler, speedier and safer than utilizing credit cards or cheques," the President stated. "This may not exclusively be another alternative for payments, it may wind up being the best choice

Since it acquired its first dealership in 2005, BMC has turned out to be one of the quickest developing and most-respected vehicle dealership associations in the nation, gaining prizes for its development, customer care, public contribution and employee’s commitment. All the more as of late, the organization has ventured into new areas with acquisitions and new entrepreneurial endeavors, including Hotcards, Flight Plan, Dryver, CarFilm, Votem, Ownum Advances among others.

2 years ago

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