Bloq Acquires Services Of Top Fidelity Blockchain Lead

The firm will now be the new home to Hadley Stern who has been poached from Fidelity.


Hadley Stern Ditches Fidelity For Bloq

Hadley Stern, a Fidelity alum, has joined the management of Bloq, a blockchain firm. Stern has been credited with taking the leading role in revolutionizing Fidelity’s cryptocurrency sector. Bloq acquired his services so as he can take the lead in growing the startup's new products.

Speaking to media outlets, Stern stated that he is excited to offer his services to Bloq after 17 years at Fidelity. Stern stated that he is looking forward to exploring a myriad of uses for the blockchain. He added that he will use the opportunity to explore uses of blockchain in other industries outside of the financial sector.

In a later blog post, Stern stated that he could not turn down the opportunity since it was so tantalizing. He was attracted by Bloq’s focus on tokenization. He has an existing relationship with Bloq founders Jeff Garzik and Mathew. They had earlier partnered during his time at Fidelity.

Stern’s New Duties At Bloq

At Fidelity, Stern was working on unveiling Fidelity Digital Assets. His departure from Fidelity is a big blow. The firm is at a crucial juncture in its work in the blockchain sector. Fidelity is expected to make a blockchain debut alongside cryptocurrency trading. According to a Fidelity rep, the firm has been attracting the best talent due to its exciting projects and Stern has been a key player.

Stern stated that Fidelity’s new cryptocurrency venture will offer critical structures for the entry of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency sector. For years, many have been waiting for the entry of these investors in the sector. A look at his career shift is an indicator of the attraction to blockchain careers. It also highlights the type of challenges faced by Wall Street companies. The firms are finding it hard to compete with blockchain firms.

Inside Bloq's Growth Plan

In a press release by Bloq, the firm stated that the cryptocurrency sector is opening up to many opportunities because it is ever expanding. The statement added that Stern was well positioned to spearhead the new products by Bloq in expanding the business.

Stern's primary role at Bloq will be to spearhead the delivery of innovative products under the Fortune 50 and Crypto 50. He will also play a role in evolving Bloq Labs.

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