Back Launches as the Fastest Explorer on EOS

Launching on July 19, has stated that it is the fastest existing EOS block explorer as of its release. In a partnership between EOS Calgary and HK EOS, the new online tool is an intricately designed one that is believed to change the internet for good.


With claims of currently being that fastest operational block analyzer on EOS, meant to completely revolutionize the internet through blockchain technology and is believed excel over the internet is several aspects. The tool will provide even strong effects on companies, international transactions, official authoritative figures, and communities worldwide.

Designed by EOS Café, the explorer permits any user to view detailed data regarding individual blocks, user accounts and activity on the platforms blockchain. Among the heavy load of information available on the web tool, users will have access to “receipts” of any airdrops on the EOS system, transfer of tokens between users, a complete analysis of RAM, CPU and NET usage and much more.

Syed Jafri, the EOS Café Calgary executive developer stated that the company’s purpose was to design and launch the fastest and safest explorer for the crypto-sphere as a means of interacting with other users and consistently keeping each user updated on the EOS system.


Troi Bryan, the developing mind behind the tool, invested in blockchain technology and is a long-time Bitshares adopter, founded and launched EOS Cafe. He aims at maintaining a platform to continuously connect people around the world on one blockchain and support its advancement and any development on it. The chain is also meant to see decentralized applications developed from every corner of the world.

EOS Cafe is one of the forefront runners of block creation on the EOS framework. As an unregulated automated firm with a global outreach, EOS Cafe provides additional and specifically designed tools for active participants in the cryptosphere, including key authentication without the need for an internet connection. KARMA, another dApp supported by, is another partnership from EOS Cafe. The dApp is meant to encourage trusted and kind-hearted actions around the world and be rewarded in return, continuously attempting to shed a spotlight on the humanitarian application of digital currencies on the world.

2 years ago

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