Blok.Party Receives $10M Plans to Digitize Settlers of Catan

PlayTabe console, creators of Blok.Party, publicly shared a statement on September 28 announcing $10 million has been raised in recent funding. The company also unveiled their latest project to develop their version of Settlers of Catan, an internationally renowned board game.

A New Era For Gaming

At the start of 2018 the Chief Executive Officer of Blok.Party, Jimmy Chen initially shared his plan to utilize blockchain tech to create an intelligent console that featured the ability to recognize offline objects such as cards or statuettes. The console would represent a new interactive form of entertainment meshing the concept of both video and tabletop gaming.

A Vision For Digitized Board Games

For many, his vision was received as abstract or unachievable in the near future, however, upon demonstrating a round of Settlers of Catan with TechCrunch during a visit to their New York base, the potential for the technology became abundantly clear. Utilizing PlayTable technology, each element of the game was digitized changing the dynamics of the original board game down to details as basic as initial set up. Instead of handheld cards, players would use smartphones to trade digital cards each round. However, in order to maintain the essence of a real-time board game, a physical board piece called the robber was retained to bridge the gap between the original and digital experience.  

Blok.Party’s innovative entertainment experience has received significant hype from board game fanatics and Catan fans alike, with a whopping ten thousand orders submitted prior to an official release. The Chief Executive Officer announced that first shipments are scheduled to be delivered by the fall of 2018. Prices for PlayTable games including Settlers of Catan will cost buyers an average of $20, as Chen emphasized a company focus on excelling in the field of entertainment rather than price.

Today’s announcement regarding recent funding was received from JRR Capital, a crypto-based fund, in addition to a variety of investors. According to Chen, Blok.Party plans to utilize funding to progress in product development, software updates, and establishing a dense collection of games for the console.

He also noted that initial devices will be created by Blok.Party itself, however, plans are underway to establish collaborations with major hardware manufacturing companies that will then create PlayTable consoles of their own. The company plans to consistently maintain their proprietary programs in order to facilitate further research, however, scaling the program will prove to be a costly challenge.

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