Blocktech Joins Forces with Saudi Uni for Blockchain Lab

As blockchain tech is continuously growing, universities and many other organizations of public services are embracing it as well. The leading technology has reached Saudi Arabia, in which the NY-based blockchain firm, Blocktech, will be implementing a blockchain lab in collaboration with Taibah University in Madinah.


Continued Growth

Dr. Walaa Alharthi, an AI specialist who is recognized worldwide, will manage the lab, which is set to be the very first research lab for blockchain tech in Saudi Arabia.

Early on this year, Alharthi and her team trained in NY with Nick Spanos, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blocktech. Spanos also a recognized expert in blockchain tech. During the training, the team learned about smart contracts, oracles, curation markets, and also Zap bonding curves.

Alharthi expressed her appreciation of the entire experience. She mentioned that Spanos had given a keynote speech about blockchain recently at the university and then she had seen the significance of blockchain right away. She noted that the group was deeply honored by the invitation to NY for training with Spanos himself. She looks forward to sharing everything that was learned during the training with the students at the uni and she hopes to start applying it to various applications to support the Middle East.

The main aim of the lab is to expand the implementation of blockchain in the Middle East. The lab will be working with the faculty of computer science, law, and business at the university to achieve this goal. She continued on to say that features like smart contracts will help solve major problems on a regional, as well as, a national scope in areas like finance, supply chain, or oil and gas.

Spanos, who founded NY’s Bitcoin Center back in 2013 as well, says that blockchain is making its way through every industry. He shared that his team has been partnering up with all types of businesses to try and make the technology more well-known and to find solutions to various problems. He expressed his enthusiasm about working with Alharthi and expressed that she will have a great role in introducing blockchain in the region.

State-of-the-art Research

Blockchain labs have been surfacing in various destination worldwide and many leading educational organizations look to work with them. Taibah Valley’s team will start working on bonding curves of token services, curation markets, and the Zap Oracle platform.

Taibah University in Madinah was established back in 2003 and currently accepts about 70,000 students in various fields of study. The Blockchain Lab will be implemented in alignment with the organization’s main goal of reaching the market needs for highly qualified graduate students and making sure they are ready for what comes next. Taibah Valley is a division for investments within the Taibah University and is managed by the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Abdulrahman Alolayan.

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