BlockShow Americas 2018 gathered leading experts in the cryptosphere

Now all top experts of the cryptosphere gathered in Vegas on BlockShow Americas 2018

Main themes:

  • the effect of blockage on the main industries
  • technological and legal aspects of the detachment
  • Interestingly, I regret that I did not go.

Already on the first day a lot of interesting proposals were received. Is that how you like the idea of building democracy on the blockbuster?

This idea was supported by Dmitry Matskevich, CEO and co-founder of Dbrain:

"Democracy is about inclusion of minorities and those without access, including to technology. Ability [sic] to distribute the power from the majority to minority. " 

And Herb Stephens, co-founder and treasurer at Democracy Earth Foundation:

 "Corruption exists in centralized databases. We are moving from corruptible to incorruptible. "

We also talked about the ICO at the conference. Naeem Aslam, CMA at ThinkMarkets and columnist at Forbes:

"Price stability is the key factor for ICOs and regulations."

Andrew L. Rossow, attorney and Adjunct Law Professor, warned once again:

"It starts with just being smart. Make sure you are protected. Not always believing in what you are seeing. "

The conference continues. Debate is in full swing. We hope soon to please you with your own videos from such fateful events!

2 years ago

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