Back Offers Free Crypto Distribution Via Airdrop, popular digital wallet provider, announced the launch of a new program targeted towards assisting projects by distributing digital tokens. The company’s latest white paper covers reasons why token distribution can help the greater crypto sphere as well as the individuals that utilize its technology. Through the use of Airdrop technology, the company believes it can foster greatness in the community.  

A Secure and Easier Way To Obtain Cryptocurrencies

The paper covers topics such as issues experienced by first-time users particularly the need to have funds in order to participate in the crypto ecosystem be it through exchange platforms or Initial Coin Offerings. In addition, investors must face a variety of newly established regulatory policies that differ from region to region. For first time buyers, understanding the potential risks associated with depositing digital assets into online-based platforms can be overwhelming.

Another form of obtaining cryptocurrencies that pose a lot of difficulties for new buyers is the process of mining, which requires a high level of technical understanding and expensive hardware. The paper explains how Airdrop technology can offer transparent and cost-free modes of acquiring digital assets online.

It also argues that this type of crypto transfer has the ability to cover millions of users globally boosting mass adoption and financial empowerment for the greater good of the ecosystem. In light of these statements, issued an announcement on October 17, regarding the launch of its Airdrop Program. The mission behind the blockchain project is to help foster a link between the company’s massive user base and up and coming crypto projects. The website proudly has 29 million holders and aims to offer the most secure method for crypto users to obtain digital assets.  

According to CoinDesk, the site’s president, Marco Santori, wrote that the company believes Airdrops have the ability to foster decentralized networks whilst cutting down associated risks and complexities that come hand in hand with ICOs and asset mining. This system will enable users of all technical backgrounds to test emerging tokens or boost network initiatives for free. Santori described this system as a win for the greater crypto sphere.

Strict Requirements For Approving Projects

As part of their established vetting process, tokens in applying to the program must offer some sort of function as well as be distributed for free. In addition, Airdrops must be performed transparently without attempts of manipulation or altered approaches. Other requirements include an approved project’s team, the community it targets and overall network activity.

Regulatory initiatives and compliance is another important determining factor. Santori confirmed that the site is currently open to considering crypto projects reflecting these guidelines and will utilize effective Airdrop techniques blended with their own novel approach to achieve success.

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