The blockchain For Trade: Lition, Introduces Token Generation Experience

Lition is introducing a new blockchain that will be used for commercial purposes. The primary intention is to use its blockchain technology to upscale their present offering.


The solution will decrease the various inefficiencies associated with the blockchain. These weaknesses hinder many corporations from adopting the technology.

New Application Will Safeguard Confidential Information

First, it will create a platform for secure exchange of private information. The second issue is compliance with the supervisory requirements. Additionally, the new technology will decrease transaction expenses and block approval time.

Lition managed to create a successful peer to peer energy blockchain. The devolved application is presently accessible by more than 41 million homes in Germany. It allows clients to select and manage their clean energy. This is the first time when people have been given such an opportunity.

Lition is also trying to dismantle the status quo in the present blockchain facilities. The entity wants to offer an amicable solution that will serve the interest of their customers. Lition anticipates developing blockchain that will be used by both public and private corporations with new features.

It will have erasable information features which will be used for business products. The measure will enable blockchain applications to join the existent profitable mainstream arrangement.

Lition Partners With SAP To Develop Better Infrastructure

Lition has also partnered with the world’s largest software provider SAP to develop a better infrastructure for the blockchain business. TGE was mainly created to establish the open compromise layer of this technology. The corporation might be sold anytime where future token users and companies are targeted.

TGE will introduce a public phase in 2019 to allow more blockchain users to access Lition Tokens. An interim approach will be used where Lition will belong to Ethereum until the new commercial blockchain is live and tokens are shifted. Extra information regarding the token is readily available on the TGE website.

Lition is one of the pioneers of blockchain in Germany. Currently, it is negotiating with the state to create a regulatory framework for blockchain in the country. Moreover, Lition will also involve all the stakeholders in the entire process.

Richard Lohwasser spoke with state officials regarding these issues lately. The primary intention is to assist in developing a complete blockchain strategy. The plan should be accepted by all the market participants and it should be able to meet all their business needs.

The company should continue to enhance the use of technology to execute business transactions in the future. This is because it increases the speed and efficiency of services. Besides, blockchain technology is expected to stay in this industry even if it keeps on changing.

1 year ago

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