Blockchain Technology Offers Fresh Alternatives To Activists and Reporters

The main social networking sites are looking for individuals who are spreading hate messages. Journalists have also been blamed for writing offensive content.


The scrutiny was conducted last week after it emerged that many individuals were misusing it. One of these targeted sites in this case was Gab which was expelled by the service provider. The event happened when one of its members engaged in terrorist activities which led to the tragic loss of lives and the destruction of property.

Gab had been in operation for two years and it had been operating like other social medias like Facebook and Twitter. However, the site had a feature that allows individual to not filter any offensive content.

Additionally, the attacker had profiles on main social networks but Gab was targeted as they do not suppress content from their users.

Heavy-handed Censorship

Apart from hate groups, individual were also removed during this process of online censorship. In excess of 1000 records were suspended or expelled from Twitter and Facebook. Organizations that spread hate speech were not spared in this crackdown.

Shutting these hate groups was a better option to the regulators since it is difficult to monitor some of these sites. Besides, it sends a warning to other groups or individuals who may be intending to use social media for malicious intentions.

The Atlantic Council regulates the content that individuals and groups post on social media platforms. However, activists have said that their source of funding creates a conflict of interest in the industry. The council currently receives funding from banks.

Blockchain Options

The recent expulsion of sovereign media platforms has led many journalists change to blockchain options. Medici Ventures, an associate of blockchain spent a lot of resources on the devolved communal network, Mind,s despite the problems facing the industry.

Additionally, BitTube is another platform that has given voice to censored reporters. Several journalists have shifted to Steemit. This is a social site managed by blockchain. The site pays content designers by giving them rewards from the mining pool.

At the beginning of the month, a fresh blockchain reporting venture known as Isegoria was announced by Ben Swann. The platform aims at giving an opportunity to some journalists who were denied a chance to express themselves by leading social media sites.

Some critics condemned the actions taken against Gab. Baysek felt that it could undermine media freedoms and not to hate groups only and many feel that it is that it was not in the spirit of the 1st Amendment to the constitution of the US. According to him, the trend should stop since it can scare users of these sites from expressing their views freely. However, these sites should be reasonably monitored to stop the spread of hate messages.

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