Blockchain Technology Now Deployed to Space

The world of astronomy has embraced the blockchain technology. According to Josh Peek, the blockchain technology will be used as a coordination platform to distribute computers to provide CPU power.  The technology will then enable astronomers to conduct the study of stars conveniently.


In studying the stars, Peek notes that the sky will be split into minute images to fit an already established network. Currently, astronomers from Data Science Mission Office Project Scientist at the STScI are in the trial stage. At this level, we have kicking tires and acquiring APIs. From existing studies, we have 100 TB in Hubble images.

To handle such images, tens of millions of CPU hours are required, and that is where the blockchain comes in. It is important to note that blockchain deployment is not direct. The blockchain is deployed because tackling such project requirements will be costly on the commercial aspect.

Peek says that sharp cookies are able to use machine learning to arrange hidden space images which are then clustered making it easier to look for images in the same category. The blockchain speeds up the process while cutting down on costs. Normally, using a computer will take forever.

Peek, an associate astronomer at STScI says using Hadron will be affordable compared to Amazon Cloud. He said that Hadron is tailored to suit the work of astronomers. It has an allowance of selling unused computing power in exchange for CPU tokens. Astronomers are believed to be using Hadron through the Aikon interface.

2 years ago

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