Blockchain-Tech Joins the Fight for Extended Life

Around the globe, countless medical clinics and labs are reportedly spending insane amounts of funding into stem cell research as a means of tapping into the fountain of youth through blockchain-tech. With the rise and craze surrounding crypto-blockchain tech, many technologically advanced startups and companies are quickly hopping on board.


As per statistics by the World Bank, almost nine percent of the entire planet's population are individuals over 65 years of age. Future predictions are concerning in terms of a growing population and its expansion at a never-seen-before speed and the 8.7 percent of 65 years and older is expected to skyrocket to 17 percent by the year 2050.

Although longer lives are being achieved around the world, it doesn’t necessarily suggest a strong, healthy and longer life. All our strongest features eventually wither away the older we grow and our bodies become more exposed to sickness and weakness. Stem cell research and therapy has been spearheading the global anti-aging initiative and combating disease for over 10 years.

A stem cell is essentially a founding block of a human cell. Stem cells have the ability to continuously multiply and transition in any type of cell the body requires, whether bone, muscle, veins and more. In light of this, the human body is self-repairing although stem cells have been used to fight serious diseases like leukemia. Given that stem cell therapy can clearly provide all the answers in terms of health and life longevity, there should be no problems present in the tech and studies.


Stem cell therapy is riddled with problems. Despite the technology and medical appliances of it providing unprecedented possibilities in terms of health and medicine, stem cell therapy in incredibly expensive, with some clinics within the US charging around $10K for treatment with stem cells in just one round. This proves another issue for patients requiring more than one than just one round of treatment. Due to this, many patients end up racking significant bills that continue even after treatment is done due to additional medical costs and post-treatment care.

Another issue is the availability of stem cell therapy, as many countries still do not present enough advancements in the medical therapy field to provide these treatments. As a newly emerging study and medical treatment, stem cell research has plenty to uncover. Countless companies and medical facilities around the planet are pouring funds into researching the possibly revolutionizing practice as the possibilities it provides in terms of health are incredible. Additionally, many blockchain startups are investing funds and efforts into stem cell therapy and many of them are working on further promotion and adoption for the relatively new medical treatment.

Stem Cell Project, a Japanese DLT company is currently in the process of promoting and advancing the development of stem cell therapy. As a prioritized objective, the company is looking to add to the expected life average and increase the number of healthier, longer lives. Through DLT, cryptocurrencies and the company’s native currency, the SCC, Stem Cell Project aims at aiding in the quick and beneficial development of stem cell therapy. Through specialized tech design for rapid and precise stem cell generation advertised by the company, this opens a path for more individuals to get in on the enhanced treatment.

In light of this, much cheaper and cost-efficient treatment will be available and create a stable system where every patient has access to stem cell therapy.

2 years ago

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