Blockchain Talent Lacking Despite the Tech’s Popularity

With blockchain becoming quite popular with certain governments, a lot of data from major industries and specialists in the field points to the fact that there is a huge conflict in the supply and demand of talented developers.


There are many plans for blockchain across various industries currently being analyzed. The government along with many organizations within the blockchain industry have raved about the myriad of possible ways to implement the technology, but many of these blockchain projects are still experimental with actual development for successful solutions still far off.    It was pointed out by experts in the field that there seems to be a lack of talented developers to build such blockchain-based solutions in India.

Hiring startup company Belong has listed in its index report for talent supply a number of jobs with a possible rating between 0.1 and 3.0. A rating of 0.1 means the greatest effort exerted to hire and a rating of 3.0 means the least effort. On that list, developers of blockchain claimed a 0.5 index, which means for every ten positions related to blockchain, there seem to be just 5 individuals actually qualified for that job.  

The co-founder of Belong, Rishabh Kaul, explained that this is because working as a developer in blockchain demands an extra set of knowledge and skills that are not yet taught in educational systems

New Programming Languages

In addition to traditional programming languages such as C++, Python, and Java, a blockchain developer should know other languages such as Rholang and Simplicity, among others, whose development took place in the recent past and most existing programmers don’t know them or haven't learned them yet.  

The president of NASSCOM, Debjani Ghosh, says that talent supply is an issue that needs to be solved soon when it comes to the latest technologies such as blockchain.

2 years ago

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