Blockchain Taking Over Ember Sword’s Loot Boxes

Ember Sword, the new Sandbox MMORPG cross-platform from Couch Studios, is planning to adopt a blockchain-based system that allows players to truly own real items instead of loot boxes currently dominating the market.


Ember Sword is inspired by massively popular games such as Runescape and Ultima Online and will feature a similar classless system for combat, an economy entirely driven by players, and open-world Player versus Player technology.

Gamers to Own LAND via PIXEL Tokens

A crucial element within the world of Ember Sword is the LAND ownership feature, close to the one in Decentraland, allowing players to own a part of the digital world.

As gamers advance, they will be able to gain assets within the game to be sold or traded for PIXEL, Ember Sword’s original token for their digital economy.

Ember Sword is set to be first launched for PC and can be played using a web browser or desktop client. However, Couch Studios have plans to adopt the game in the future to be compatible with mobile, creating a cross-play system.

Mark Phillipe Laursen, founder of Couch Studios, shared how as an avid gamer in MMORPG, he became annoyed with the fact that he could interact with everything within the game without being able to change anything and thus help it evolve, or even own gathered items inside the game or any part of the game itself, as he was sure other players also felt this way.

Ember Sword is now arranging a sale for their token PIXEL. Gamers should be able to acquire LAND during the second quarter of 2019 through a primary auction event.  

2 years ago

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