Blockchain Statistics You Need to Know

By 2020, most businesses are expected to be blockchained. However, according to the latest survey by Capgemini of 450 firms in the fields of manufacturing, retail, and consumer products, only 3% of them are utilizing blockchain, and that, explains the report, is due to the intricacy of blockchain’s experimental stage.


Capgemini’s report names traditional supply chains as the number one beneficiary of blockchain, as it accelerates all its procedures, holds embedded contracts, provides a detailed transaction history, doubles receptiveness, and secures an incredible amount of data.  

Moving Forward

The world is witnessing the first baby steps of blockchain; that’s why 87% of firms are also experiencing falls and face-plants in their initial phase, claims the report. However, with the assistance of pilot programs, 10% made it to a progressive stage of development.

The report depicts the metamorphosis of firms into blockchain in three stages, stage one is “awareness; the educational stage in which businesses familiarize themselves with the system and its usage, where a lot of "whys" are asked. Stage two is "investigation," the experimentation stage that answers the "hows". Eventually, stage three will be "metamorphosis," according to the report, the starting point of actualization will begin in 2019, when enterprises have a strong foundation to withstand and support the makeover.

As stated in the report, the United States of America, France, and the United Kingdom are paving the way for blockchain; with a continuous investment of more than $1 billion in blockchain startups from the United States of America since 2012.

Here are the report’s six commandments your business needs for installing a bulletproof blockchain program:

  • Perform a blockchain need assessment.
  • Evaluate the company’s readiness for the change.
  • Envision and strategize.
  • Assign a progress tracker; you can’t manage what you can’t measure.
  • Secure, lock and protect.
  • Set your standards.

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