Blockchain Research Center Partnership with University of Columbia

The IBM chose the university’s campus in New York as a location to the research center, which was opened on Tuesday. The main goal behind the creation of the research center is using the university’s academic experience and IBM’s technical resources in developing blockchain apps.

Other goals include developing a blockchain syllabus and reviewing corporate aspects of blockchain study. A board of members from the University and scientists from IBM will be chosen soon and will be in charge of considering pitches for the research center development.

This new center will be host to many internship openings for the students who are interested in blockchain study to enhance their expertise and will also provide guidance to beginners.

University Partnership

After the announcement, the university’s director, John H. Coatsworth, was excited about the university’s partnership with IBM and expected it to benefit the university greatly, increasing student applications as well as scholarships in the field of blockchain improvement and employment in exchanging information.

This partnership was set up in determination to speed up blockchain development by using the academic expertise of one of the best universities in the United States.

Ripple announced to CoinDesk that an investment of $2 million is going to be given to the University of Texas, over the following few years. Ripple is a startup company located in San Francisco that aims to invest millions of dollars in learning facilities around the world. According to CoinDesk, Ripple is investing the money in the University of Texas to further blockchain development.

2 years ago

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