Blockchain Cuties Introduce Its Own Crypto Wallet

Blockchain Cuties was launched earlier this year on Ethereum. As a blockchain video game, BCC allows players to earn money through its virtual in-game market. Cuties are the native creatures of the video game, essentially representing different cryptocurrencies as tradable assets with their own unique features.

The Game

According to the company, the game was designed to be over-all cost efficient in every aspect, including its initial design. The company developed the game through a process known as compact encoding, using data collected through player gameplay. This process would lower the chances of an overload on Ethereum due to heavy traffic and provides cheaper fees for any transaction by players.

The company has stated that its new wallet will be the first ever of its kind within the gaming industry. Adding to their statements, Blockchain Cuties said that its wallet was designed to bypass any inconvenient add-ons to the game to be able to use it. The new wallet will allow players to store information and pay for purchases and transaction and the company has also announced a possible introduction of sending assets through the game.

Already Available

The wallet has already been introduced into the game and no registration requirements have been made for players to use the new feature. Through Best Rate, a crypto exchange aggregator, funds will be transferred directly into any player’s wallet after depositing. The game does not limit the options of different assets from different wallets either, easily able to access their accounts on wallets like Metamask and Cipher to allocate funds from them.

Official announcements explained that the games new wallet was intended for newcomers and players with no interest in installing extensions, add-ons and other requirements to access different wallets for funds.

User protection is also ensured through a no-personal information saving policy, seen in many other games, businesses, and exchanges related to crypto.

2 years ago

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