Blockchain Community Makes China’s 2018 Wealthiest List

The Institute of Hurun Research has officially released this year's annual list of richest Chinese individuals which surprisingly included many blockchain industry figures as a first-time appearance.

The list included thirteen blockchain entrepreneurs of whom Micree Zhan, Bitmain co-founder, took the highest spot ranked at 95th place owning $2.4 billion in net worth. His fellow co-founder, Jihan Wu, took second place for blockchain individuals ranked 204 on the list with $2.3 billion. The platform’s soon to be launched IPO funding project worth $3 billion might help rank these two industry superstars even higher for the 2019 edition.

Binance founder, Changpeng Zhao, was ranked at number 230 for riches Chinese individuals earning $2.1 billion. Binance the world’s most popular exchange platform to date so it’s no wonder Zhao has made the charts with this year’s list.

Meanwhile, other well-known individuals have joined the list as Star Xu, founder of OKCoin, Li Lin, founder of Huobi, and Li Xiaolai, creator of BitFund and renowned Bitcoin “whale” who recently stated he intends to stop working on blockchain projects.

In addition, the list features the heads of both Canaan Creative and Ebang, which are Bitmain’s main competitors who also found success within the mining hardware and services  

Crypto Millionaires Make the List Despite Overall Market Crash

This, coupled with the fact that most of 2018 has been characterized by an ongoing bear market, underscores how interesting it is to see so many crypto figures reach so high up the list - and also attests to the incredible growth seen in 2017. Crypto and blockchain community members are pushing the boundaries in finance every month, as significant breakthroughs are consistently arising.

Even though the majority of the world’s BTC mining occurs in China, the nation used to be known for being a major zone for the greater cryptocurrency economy, it now faces the impact of a governmentally issued ban on all active exchange platforms and ICO projects. In addition, the ongoing bearish trends of this year's crypto market highlights the significance of so many blockchain individuals making the cut on this year’s list. Despite the downwards trend in the market, these individuals exceeded expectations in the finance sector. This may be a result of blockchain technology advancing various fields, not just cryptocurrency.

Their high ranking placement on China’s wealthiest list is indicative of their quality performance since 2017.

2 years ago

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