Blockchain Charity Announced by Binance in Switzerland

According to the official Binance blog, BCF, Binance’s social project has officially announced the birth of its blockchain-backed charitable contribution platform.  


In Switzerland- On the 24th of October, the curtain was removed from in front of Binance’s new project during the (UNCTAD).  

The chief executive officer of Binance, Zhao, explained that all operational charges on the new site will be covered by Binance and of course their selected recipients will get all the proceeds. Mixing donations with blockchain will clear more fog around the charity sector, said Zhao.

New Initiative

The Blockchain Charity Foundation’s main goal for the donations is collecting funds to rescue and offer comfort to the Ugandan flood victims. As a major contribution, Blockchain Charity Foundation is receiving $3m from the TRON foundation, as stated by Binance.  

ETH, BNB, and BTC currencies in any amount are welcome for donation on Blockchain Charity Foundation via their site. Anyone who wants to can contribute.  

Japan was hit by a destructive flood this year and Binance came to the rescue through Japanese third-parties. Zhao shared a report of the $500k donated to different organizations to avert as much suffering as possible. The flood took with it 17k houses and 225 people.

A generous declaration by Zhao was made this month that Binance will give away all their profits to charitable organizations. The chief executive officer said there will be no minimum payment required, anyone can decide for themselves their amount of contribution.

Sitting on top of the crypto world, Binance, with a trade exchange capacity of $467 bn, climbed 8% since yesterday.

2 years ago

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