Blockchain Asset Technological Corporation AlphaPoint Incorporates TrustToken’s TrueUSD

Alphapoint is an international blockchain technology corporation. It permits organizations to issue cryptocurrency assets and run digital asset trades.


Recently, it pronounced that it has combined TrueUSD which is a controlled exchange stablecurrency. The coin is now exchangeable at a ratio of 1:1 for USD.

The amalgamation will permit AlphaPoint’s trades to include TrueUSD for exchange with digital money combinations.

TrustToken is already ahead of other competitors in this industry. It is the asset tokenization platform which introduced TrueUSD. It enjoys a reasonable advantage over its challengers in the same line of business. This is because the stablecoin is open and transparent to traders. As a result, they have developed more confidence in this currency than the other existing stablecoins on the market.

In addition, the platform gives their clients a chance to interrelate with TrueUSD. Presently, this currency is a top stablecurrency in the market. Therefore, it has increased the efficiency of international asset exchange. Several individuals have predicted that computerized assets are likely to benefit all market participants.

The combination between the two entities also permits TrueUSD to reach more shareholders in new and disparate marketplaces. Moreover, demand for a trustworthy stablecurrency is drastically increasing. This has resulted in the emergence of a token community.

Alphapoint’s mounting system of trades and digital asset arrangement may assist to propel the implementation of TrueUSD internationally. Already, it has been identified as a dependable stablecurrency despite the uncertainty facing the crypto industry.

Alphapoint Is Secure And Dependable To Clients

Alphapoint has been described as a safe, customer friendly and accesible ledger platform. It allows clients across the globe to automate their assets. The corporation’s DLT spread technology safeguards all transactions. Moreover, it has a capacity to process voluminous transactions within a short duration of time. It is estimated that it is capable of processing around one billion trades per second. Consequently, it will ensure that customers are served within a short time hence, decreasing delays in the delivery of service.

1 year ago

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