BitVit Plans on Creating a Global Cryptocurrency Network Dedicated to Healthcare

BitVit claims that the soaring rates of life expectancies around the world are still riddled with illness for many of their years. In a report, the company explains statistics behind full lifetimes. As it states, a German woman may live to 80 years old, although only around 70 of those will be in proper and active health. As for men, they statistically experience a slightly shorter lifespan of around 78 years and 9 of these years are active holding grounds for disease and sickness.


A Global Solution

The company plans on providing a wholesome answer to the current situation by unifying healthcare systems and centers on a global network. Operating just like any cryptocurrency exchange today, the network will provide a platform for experts, professionals and knowledgeable participants to trade and share information on a public exchange. This is designed as a means of preparing the upcoming generation with firm and sound information as well as spreading data and studies globally.

Yllasports centers are the main factor in the new plan. The company will allow customers to borrow sports hardware and equipment and climbing gear as well train directly under former professional athletes. Several activities including Yoga, Zumba and custom-designed classes for senior citizens will be provided by the company.

Additionally, nutrition is a core subject in the plan. The company will provide professional cooking classes, advisory meetings and encourage weight loss for healthier benefits. These features, among many more, are also aimed at improving the global public in improving eating habits, cardio and overall health in general, not only physically but mentally as well.

Crypto Adoption

As BitVit has planned, any individual looking to participate in these events and sign up at any of the health centers will pay for them with the company’s native currency, the BitVit Coin (BVC). The currency will see acceptance as a payment method at any and all of the sports facilities while offering promotional benefits and discounts with every successful transaction.

BitVit has stated that although healthcare is innovative and adaptive on its own, it has yet to adopt cryptocurrencies to their fullest. As the company’s document states, accepting cryptocurrency and introducing the new native coin will provide a wide array of access and user inclusion to any of these centers. Furthermore, the white paper adds that expanding the company’s connections and trusted reputation and more efficient business performances fall under the benefits of its BitVit Coin.

The planned ecosystem by BitVit includes six separate introductions like the coin. BitVit will deploy its own application after its full development to facilitate global and affordable transfers and users will be rewarded by research experts for submitting any valuable data and research. The coins will also see a housing platform designed to convert any coins into traditional currencies in a very simplistic manner as well as an added custom debit card for BitVit Coins.

A company wallet is also planned, although it won’t launch with the application initially and will be able to utilize the native coin by changing it into other digital coins and exchange them between friends and family. Corporations on a grand scale that accept BitVit will also see a specialized and decentralized wallet designed with intricate security measurements.

BitVit Coins were on presale at the beginning of this month and will follow through until mid-April. The company’s ICO will fully launch the very next day and 200M BVC are currently in production and 120M of these coins will be sold.

2 years ago

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