Bittrex Will Add US Dollar Pairing for ETC/XRP

Bittrex, the cryptocurrency exchange platform based in the United States, has just announced that it will be adding US dollar trading pairs for ETC and Ripple coins on the 20th of August. Fiat trading has already been launched for verified customers within approved states and global avenues previously in May.

New Additions

After launching USD pairing services for international and domestic corporate clients, the originally provided pairings with the USD were Bitcoin, USDT and TrueUSD, another stable coin.

Additionally, only clients within WS, California, NY, and Montana had access to trading in fiat currencies on Bittrex and is only available to corporate traders and a select few of retail.

In due time, the USD pairing will gradually expand to all clients as the platform itself develops and expands further. Several tokens and coins are receiving fiat trading capabilities on Bittrex and provides access to a vast number of pairs tradeable with BTC, with additional statements of backing more than 200 digital coins.

However, the platform was not intended for retail traders and investors in its original design but was instead created initially for elite or industrial-grade traders.

2 years ago

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