Bittrex to Arrive In Latin America and the Caribbean

Founded in 2014, US-Based Bittrex specialized in cryptocurrency exchange is expected to arrive to South America, namely; Latin America and the caribbean soon. Upon the company’s official announcement of its newly established cooperation with Cryptofacil, an Uruguay-based fintech company, Bittrex will be expected to include users in south America as part of its customer base. This new inclusion will grant them the opportunity to exchange above two-hundred digital tokens through more than two-hundred-and-seventy trading pairs.


While the American exchange will contribute to the collaboration with its trading technology, the Uruguayan company will handle operating customer-related tasks such as customer satisfaction and support, issues related to compliance, as well as both sales & marketing. Cryptofacil is also expected to create strategies to customize development plans and ensure the success of their joint activities.

Andres Szafran, Co-founder of Cryptofacil Speaks About the Partnership

Szafran seemed enthusiastic about this joint-agreement and has expressed his interest in becoming the leading crypto exchange within the region. He described the platform as customer-friendly and pointed out the simplicity of the entire user process. He also highlighted the platform’s focus on basic customer needs. Szafran recognized his counterpart’s efforts regarding customer support as well as the value-added services they aim to offer.

Despite not yet being recognized as a regulated exchange under the United States’ securities law, Bittrex Chief Executive Officer, Bill Shihara, is optimistic that the joint venture will encourage driving the adoption of such digital assets. He expressed that this partnership will serve as an incubator for innovative projects in addition to supporting the entire blockchain industry.

2 years ago

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