BitTorrent to Include Tron for Disbursements

One of the largest global peer to peer file distributions has introduced a new project. The venture is known as Project Atlas. The new project has millions of subscribers across the globe.


The scheme shall connect various networks like TRON block chain through bit torrent protocol additions. The token will reduce the current limitations and enhance globalization by allowing users to share computer resources all over the world.

The company’s project manager Justin Knoll suggested that Bit Torrent shall improve its services. One of the ways is by ensuring users pay for quick downloads. Tron will also ensure that files are always available to the users.

Knoll admits that they used to provide up loaders with faster downloading speeds even before they partnered with Tron. The latter acquired Project Atlas for a certain undisclosed value.

In future, they intend to include financial features by the use of Tron’s public block chain.

Knoll also discloses that can download the files without paying anything to Tron. Additionally, they do not need to modernize with the latest customer as it is user friendly.

He mentions that the new functionalities are voluntary. Bit Torrent subscribers can continue their activities as usual and they might also disregard the imbursement function.

However, it is not clear when this shall be propelled since the venture was established in recent times. The joining of crypto into a main platform is the first across the world.

Tron has received a lot of criticism because of several issues. Some individuals blamed it for imitating its whitepaper. The use of DPOS also creates a lot of confusion as it makes it a mixture of public-private block chain. Users require must have some faith while using it.

The entity is upgrading its block chain using the huge amounts of money they raised last year. The situation is contrary to EOS which failed to meet customers’ expectations after raising a whopping $ 4 billion.

Tron has fulfilled most of their promises for a block chain especially in the entertainment sector. It is evident from the quality of their movies.

They are currently experiencing stiff competition from some of the players in the industry. For instance, Ta TaTu intends to introduce blockchenized entertainment podium on ethereum.

The recent announcement by Bit Torrent and Tron demonstrates that there are countless openings in the entertainment sector. According to their sentiments, it is possible to blockchenize this industry. The public is now speculating to see if they can deliver and implement their plans in the future.

2 years ago

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