Bitpico Quits BTC After Naming It World’s Biggest Scam

Bitpico, an infamous “troll” and consistent troublemaker within the Bitcoin ecosystem has reportedly dropped bitcoin completely after referring to it as the largest scam ever. In the past, Bitpico drew plenty of attention towards himself after testing the stress levels of the BCH network and attempting to maintain Segwitx2 and its operations. Albeit the news of quitting BTC, this may yet be another act by the controversial figure.

Done with Bitcoin

According to relatively recent news reports, he was apparently stress-testing BCH and evidently out of spite. Bitpico and BCH have maintained a consistent rivalry and a public one as well, with the addition of Bitcoin now that he has allegedly declared bearishness and announced the complete lack of support for the first crypto. A post on Twitter with evident signs of manipulation by Bitpico stated that he had dumped all Bitcoins and is no longer a supporter of a cryptocurrency deemed as the most unreliable and largest scam of its kind.

Other rumors circulating around is that Bitpico was originally part of BCH the entire time and due to an unsuccessful attempt at overthrowing the Bitcoin Cash network the result was a clear display of security and sturdiness.

After publicly announcing that Bitcoin was a scam unlike any other and selling off all his coins, he apparently went on to delete all previously posted tweets and clear any evidence of them on his account. Additionally, his biography on the account confirmed the previous statements made by him declaring Bitcoin as a scam and the world’s most elaborate so far. Despite his claims and accusations, only a few are willing to listen.

Internet Troll

Bitpico has established a notorious reputation for himself among the cryptocurrency ecosystem by consistently delivering false threats with no follow up to each one. As per earlier reports, he stated that his team of developers claimed 30% of the hash rate of the Segwit2x fork that he stated would occur whether anyone liked it or not.

After the public threat, no such thing occurred and the 30% claim remained invalid. At one point, he even threatened the Lightning Network with yet another lack of following through. In light of all this, it may come as a possibility of his account being hacked into through his lack of a hash rate, false threats, and unprofessional manner. Then again, Bitpico may possibly return soon with another set of threats he fails to live up to.

2 years ago

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