Bitpay and Neufund Collaborate on New Security Token Service

Bitpay, a leading digital currency trading platform and Neufund, a fundraising firm have come together to collaborate on a new project allowing participants to purchase and sell equity coins using fiat currencies as reported in an Email.

Hand in Hand

A new study has revealed that the tokenized securities market will be valued at $10B over the next two years. Additionally, these securities will open paths to liquidity that is overdue and incredibly needed to investment assets and equity tools. Neufund has stated that through the new team-up, this brings the platform a step closer in its mission to become the primary distributor of security tokens, most notably equity tokens.

A prior team-up saw Neufund announce another joint effort with MSX, an extension of the stock exchange in Malta as well as Binance. Additionally, the platform officially revealed that seven other firms have already registered to launch their ETOs through the platform and over a thousand participants have promised to pour investments in the foreseeable future.

Bitpay has also recently located its company to Malta, an international welcoming hub of crypto-block companies will be the first and only company involved in trading to allow liquidation by any company that holds equity coins for fiat. Between Neufund’s joint effort with MSX and Bitpay’s transition to Malta, the current and reported objective is to develop and launch the first digital currency exchange with full regulations applied.

Zoe Adamovicz, the chief executive officer of Neufund has stated that the company is embracing Bitpay as a new member of its partnerships. She adds that the company’s objective is to introduce more accessible fundraising and simplify the process for many companies. Additionally, Neufund is determined by providing more liquid assets for investors and the collaboration will allow these investors to efficiently liquidate any funds into fiat.

2 years ago

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