Bitminer Factory to Provide Solutions for Massive Crypto Power Consumption

Throughout recent years, blockchain and crypto-tech have evidently made their impact on the world in a revolutionary manner. Despite the countless benefits and innovations, the current tech-revolution involving both are seeing unbelievable amounts of electricity consumed on par with countries like Peru and Portugal. As a recent report has clarified, Bitcoin consumes 0.32 percent of all power on the planet, although the number is undoubtedly set to continue growing.

For the environment

As the most likely solution to this issue, renewable energy sources provide a possible answer. Angeli, a leading conglomerate launched a startup under the name of Bitminer Factory with the purpose of reducing the unreal consumption of power globally through crypto-blockchain activities. It aims to introduce digital miners with startups and projects focused on renewable energy. 

The startup is also responsible for the largest crypto-mining factory is Calenzano. Operating since April, it holds one thousand graphics processing units and ASIC mining hardware. Its services are catered to industrial-size projects by providing graphics processors as well as alternative solutions to digital mining. It also focuses on renewable energy through its parent company, Angeli.

Those in possession of BMF, the company’s tokens are granted access to several mining projects and services designed to enhance the overall activity and are compensated through the company’s mining operations and hardware.

With a professional team holding more than one thousand MW of renewable energy projects, the company guarantees minimal risks for investors and more. Additionally, monetary risks from bigger mining companies as well as volatility are severely cut down and the company offers its clients to resell their BMF back to the Factory.

Initial Coin Offering

Bitminer Factory aims to at least distribute 100M tokens during its initial coin offering. As a token compliant with Ethereum’s blockchain, it holds a contract between asset holders and the company as stated in its original white paper.

As of now, Bitminer Factory is conducted its token pre-sale and offering a discount of 18 percent to initial investors. On the 21st of July, the primary initial coin offering phase will begin and continue until the end of September or once the total market cap of $100M has been reached.

2 years ago

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