Bitminer Factory Announces Initial Coin Offering Launch Date

Following their token presale two weeks ago, Bitminer has just announced its crypto-funding project to launch on the 21st of July this year, including a window of time offering a discount of 12 percent.


Bitminer’s blockchain is fully sustainable due to its recyclable power used to facilitate the mining of digital assets and distribute any gains cryptocurrency investors. As a constant demand for enough power to operate digital mining on a global scale, many individuals related to the industry will benefit from the new platform’s services.

The international digital-mining industry is constantly seeking more efficient power sources to continue their activities and demand for energy has risen five times in total, with a possible tenfold increase in demand within the next 12 months. Investors will be rewarded through their involvement in the transition from fossil to zero-carbon energy. 

The founder of Bitminer Factory, a startup launched by Gabriele Angeli’s group of energy-involved service providers for almost four decades, stated that the company’s native coin introduces holders to a whole array of benefits due to their renewable energy factories and mining operations. Going on, he explained that the company is showing the utmost confidence in its success and is allowing customers to utilize a Buy-Back option every 90 days to sell their coins at a more expensive price.


Gabriele Angeli’s consortium of over 20 partnerships and a revenue of well over three million euro has established the group as the biggest cryptocurrency mining party in Italy. Its founder has been involved in oil, gas and recyclable power as part of the family business with collaborations made with many of the world’s leading companies for more than 50 years.

Gabriele Stampa, a founding partner, provides a vast array of knowledge regarding web operations. Furthermore, the entire group of partnered companies within Bitminer’s group provide their own essential expertise involving finance, energy, venture capital, and much more.

As a result of both co-founders joining efforts, the company has become Italy’s number one cryptocurrency mining service provider, dealing in mining sales and businesses for more than a year and a half. The company also provides its services to corporate and individual clients.

In regards to the initial coin offering, the co-founder explained that the company was developing to a new stage and involving all its investors and interested parties in its startup and allowing them to buy up coins.

2 years ago

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