BitMEX Peaks at One Million BTC Daily Trading

Given the current market condition, investors in Bitcoin are seeing massive losses under one of the most bear-dominated periods ever, however, cryptocurrency exchanges like BitMEX are displaying nothing but a positive attitude and performance.

According to a released statement by PR company representing BitMEX, reports revealed that the exchange had managed to breach past one million Bitcoin trades in one day, marking the second occasion for the company in which this occurred.

Over 1 Million

In total, BitMEX saw 1.02 million BTC contracts traded within 24 hours with an estimated value of almost $6.6B as of the current exchange rate. Arthur Hayes, the chief executive officer of BitMEX stated that the company has again broken its own 24-hour record and is a significant step forward for the exchange and they cryptocurrency market in terms of growth.

He links the repeated achievement as part of BitMEX launching the Ethereum and USD pairing trade enabling traders to wager on the price of ETH even without owning any of the currency. The first record was set last month on the 24th, setting a new record not only for the platform but for the entire industry as well.

Additionally, other crypto-platforms have seen their performance go up amidst the bear-dominated market. According to reports, CME and CBOE, both US-based crypto-exchanges have seen BTC futures steadily rise in volume since their launch at the end of 2017 and a collected $572M in volume between both exchanges on the same day BitMEX broke one million.

Another relatively smaller crypto-exchange, LedgerX, reported a new record for itself of $50M worth in crypto-contracts on its platform last month.

2 years ago

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