Bitly Said To Have Blocked 200 Contacts From Andreas Antonopoulos’ ‘Mastering Ethereum’

Bitly has of late received a lot of criticism from social media users. The platform is a URL shortening service and manages links.


This condemnation came shortly after one of the twitter users disclosed that the platform had blocked all the digital money associate links from his manuscript. The information was revealed to Andreas Antonopoulos on November 3rd.

Antonopoulos Questions Bitly’s Actions

Antonopoulos, a famous writer on the subject of Bitcoin, questioned Bitly on Twitter about the decision. Additionally, it affects more than 200 links to his tome Mastering Ethereum. Some of them anticipate publishing their content after the duration of one month.

He pressed them as to why crypto links were receiving such unfair treatment without any justification.

Additionally, he disclosed that soon he will print his fourth edition which will have 200 bitly links in it. All  of the 200 links will be removed and replaced with a rival if these links will be blocked.

However, Bitly had not replied prior to press time on November 5th. Many social media users defended Antonopoulos by describing the move as unfair. Most people called for decentralized link shorteners.

Other social commentators gave diverse opinions on the issue. One of the Tweets warned Antonopoulos not to depend on bitly or any other url shortening service. The observer further revealed that such a move can result in failure. Therefore, in the future it is advisable to avoid such costly mistakes.

There is a need for tolerance in the industry because blocking links can lead to bad blood between parties.

1 year ago

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