Bithumb Bought by Famous South Korean Plastic Surgeon

An entity run by a famous plastic surgeon in Seoul, South Korea bought out the majority state in the nation’s biggest digital currency exchange, according to local reports.


The technologically-savvy country is emerging among the top BTC and crypto market worldwide, even comprising over 20% of the world’s BTC transactions. This figure is over ten times S. Korea’s portion of the global economic sector.


BK Global, which is based in neighboring Singapore, purchased a 51% stake in crypto giant Bithumb- the nation’s largest digital currency exchange. They bought the majority shares from BTC Holdings at a cost of the equivalent of over $350 million, according to local media and sources close to the industry.

While Bithumb boats over 1 million users, it succumbed to a massive hack over the summer, leaving over $30 million in crypto stolen.

2 years ago

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