Bithub Africa Mining BTC via Solar Energy

The Kenyan company has already begun the mining process of BTC and ETH by using OTG solar energy. Founder and CEO of the project, John Karanja, said that the main aim of the project is to expand the technology on the African continent while at the same time proving that crypto mining is not an environmental danger as it is widely perceived to be.


Green Crypto

Karanja stated that the use of solar power is being implemented in the same way conventional sources are used in order to figure out how reliable it is for crypto mining. The produced data is still being analyzed, he continued, but it is clear that blockchain is motivating innovation on a global scale within the industry of renewable energy.

How It Works

The company has a small facility for its operations in Nairobi, now with an adjoined grid full of cables, along with many devices being in place. An inverter is connected to a certain battery that is further connected a controller, which is directly linked to a solar panel of 200 watts. The photovoltaic module is established on the roof at a specific angle to increase solar intake. A normal solar panel is used to produce an ample amount to start up a small node within the network which runs the blockchain-based software.

Established back in 2015, Bithub Africa accelerates the use of blockchain technology for commercial purposes and implementation within the African region. The firm also builds systems to make financial services and energy solutions easily accessible via blockchain-based projects or open protocols like BTC.

Along with using solar energy for crypto mining, Bithub Africa extracts LTC and XRP as well but through traditional energy with little air-conditioning to avoid overheating. The payment unit for the company is supported by two main BTC Lightening nodes that are able to withstand 3 million Txs in one second.

Misconceptions About Mining

OTG solar panels can be seen across many rural or urban neighborhoods all over the African region. Currently, many businesses in crypto mining are available in a continent that is one of the world’s best sources of clean energy.

However, BTC mining has been the target of many criticisms coming from activists for the environment for claiming the act consumes a lot of electricity. These brand new models that use solar power should help support otherwise. Using renewable energy is also a lot cheaper in general than the use of electricity that comes from coal-firing power plants that are still dominating BTC mining in the region.

There is one issue that is facing Bithub Africa when using renewable energy. The power depends greatly on certain weather conditions, so when the sun is nowhere to be found, operations can be affected. Mining equipment needs to be continuously running at all times. However, some available systems can produce power even when the weather is not optimal through powering via batteries.

Karanja said that potential scaling of crypto mining by solar energy is still not clear yet because the technology seems to be in its infancy still.

1 year ago

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