Bitfinex Clients To Get New Reporting Toolkit

Notably, the new toolkit will not have the limitation feature that has been cited as an inconvenience.


Bitfinex Adds New Exciting Features To Reporting Toolkit

Trading platform Bitfinex has unveiled a new tool for reporting issues by users. The suite is intended to assist users to have more say in regards to their transactions on the platform. Additionally, it will provide an analysis of their trading on the platform.

In a post published by the firm, users will have unlimited insights into the platform. It will help them view their account information as many times as they wish. The suite has dropped the data limits. The new suite has been dubbed UI. The firm stated that the new tools are anchored on the latest technology. Its main goal is to enhance efficiency through making representation better while at the same promoting responsiveness on different devices.

The new kit is easily accessible whereby traders can immediately come up with an overview of the requested data. The data to be requested is not time-barred. This feature was not available due to the data limit available on the platform. With the latest rollout, users will be able to even download account information.

The platform further said that it was committed to ensuring that clients have access to all their needs on the exchange. The launch of the tools is geared toward spreading the firms' global reach.

Clients on the Bitfinex platform will be in a position to work offline with the new tools. The need for offline working has been eliminated since all account activity will be recorded on a database. Developers at Bitfinex are working to have the new suite transformed into an open source platform. The feature will help clients customize tools to meet personal needs. Additionally, users will also be in a position to submit features.

Through the Bitfinex API, the latest toolkit will provide a field wallet that can be added to the end-point ledgers. It will in return offer data on the identity and the movement of the wallet. The end-point currencies will be added offering the already enlisted currencies with an ID and name.

Back in May, it emerged that users on the Bitfinex platform are required to provide their tax data from their respective jurisdictions. At the same time, a number of global policymakers are studying the crypto industry as part of formulating new regulations.

2 years ago

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