“Bitcoin Will Be the Base layer of Most Financial Transaction”, according to blockchain expert

Bitcoin price is falling, and the market is full of bearish sentiments. But it doesn’t matter because BTC has a bright future.

Regardless of whether the price of BTC will fall or grow, the popularity of the cryptocurrency will only increase, blockchain expert Tone Vays thinks so:

“Even though the price of bitcoin is going down and it can take the price of bitcoin another year and a half, or two years to come back to its all-time high, the value of Bitcoin, the functionality of Bitcoin, the popularity of bitcoin can continue to increase exponentially without the price increasing exponentially”

At the moment, the BTC resembles the Internet in 2000. Then, the general admiration for technology led to the incredible increase in the Internet companies shares value. But, reaching the peak, the bubble burst and 18 years later nobody could imagine the world without the Internet.

“Bitcoin is going to come back and when it comes back everyone will just use it. They may not even know they're using it but eventually bitcoin will be the base layer of most financial transactions. But it needs to be technologically stable and it needs to be done right. And if the price goes up too high, it screws with the proper underlying technological incentives and improvements”, - says Tone Vays.

2 years ago

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