Bitcoin Value Intraday Study: BTC/USD Creating Doji in Bull Ploy

Bitcoin continues to maintain its stability as market players remain hopeful about its future performance.


During recent times, the Bitcoin-to-dollar exchange has extended its sideways consolidation tendencies. These changes were witnessed at the beginning of the week. Most people believe that the spike was as a result of Tether's crash. This has led to price fluctuations within a $150 range.

The price of Bitcoin will be influenced by bullish fundamentals in the long-term. A U.K financial watchdog plans to develop better guidelines for cryptocurrencies in 2019. These policies will greatly benefit institutional shareholders waiting to join the crypto game.

Investors Expect Protection From Regulatory Bodies

The investors are only waiting for legal protection from the regulatory bodies. The main intention is to ensure that all transactions conducted via this platform are safe. This is likely to increase the confidence of investors in the market.

Instability is near approaching the trendline. However, the situation is expected to change because of the bull trick sentiment. The market is expected to flood when the prices of assets will allude to an upward trend. During this time, most investors buy stocks when prices are low and sell when their value increases. This results in volatility of digital currencies in the market as their prices keep on fluctuating.

The current market information suggests that investors should expect a bearish market soon. USD/BTC will remain under its 100 to 200 moving range. Besides, RSI is showing a neutral trend on the regular charts.

Plans To Increase Profits

During earlier discussions, market participants discussed both short and long-term measures that can be taken in order to get maximum returns. The prices of these assets keep on fluctuating every day. These cryptocurrencies were targeting a temporary resistance level of 6476-fiat. The interim support level was expected to be 6414 fiat.

This range was too small but it was the only option to enter and leave trades on slim profit margins while waiting for a breakout. Consequently, a pullback from support might result in rebellion. Correspondingly, a break below the resistance level would have us enter a short position towards the support line.

All things considered, a close over the upper trend-line of the long descending triangle arrangement will have us target 6550-fiat. It is an essential upside while maintaing a stop loss order only 3-pips underneath the passage position. In this event that our intra-range activity towards the interval support might be executed and we go to a broadened drawback activity.

When we break beneath 6414-fiat and on the close term climbing trend-line portrayed in yellow. At that point we'll open a short position towards the 200H straightforward moving normal as our essential drawback target.

2 years ago

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